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Tuesday, January 5 2021

Modern and effective sun protection solutions in your home.

window-1232371_640.jpg, Jan 2021

Facade blinds

are modern, elegant products attached to the facade. The light and simple structure is perfect for modern architectural buildings characterized by large glass formats and aluminum structures.

Norta facade blinds protect the interior of the building from excessive sunlight and improve the appearance of the property. Their use leads to significant savings in terms of energy consumption. Roller shutters mounted on large facades act as insulators, influencing the proper temperature distribution in the room and supporting the air conditioning of the rooms. A thermal barrier, i.e. a mass of air, slows down the heat transfer between the lamella surface and the glass. This allows the temperature inside the building to be reduced by up to 10 ° C with an outside temperature of 35 ° C. Additionally, the roller shutters provide effective protection against noise.

External blinds give the facade an interesting and modern character. Its main feature is horizontal aluminum slats of various shapes and widths.

Norta offers you not only C, F and Z-shaped blinds, but also S-shaped blinds. The width of the slats depends on the type of blinds and they are respectively 65 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm and 90 mm. Smooth adjustment allows you to change the angle of the slats.

The upper part of the blinds is often covered with a facade or closed with a specially selected cover, the so-called Roller blind. In this case, the color can also be selected individually from the RAL palette.

In order to protect the roller shutters against the wind, aluminum slats have additional stabilizers in the form of side slats or steel cables with a PVC coating.

The guides and strips are made of weather-resistant aluminum and additionally secured with high-quality varnish. The blinds weigh on average 2-3 kg per square meter. They are stable and durable. They are mounted on the window frame, facade or directly on the wall. When designing the facility, the selection of the system and type of installation should be taken into account.

External roller shutters can be operated manually - with a crank or electrically - with a motor. Control by an electric motor is not only convenient, but also economical from an economic point of view, since the motor can control two or more louvers. It is also possible to use the automatic weather function.

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