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Tuesday, January 5 2021


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Choosing a gas boiler is not easy, as the market is full of appliances that heat homes and water with fossil natural gas. Is this type of heating a good solution? What are the most commonly used boilers? Where in Brussels can you find a heating specialist to install and maintain the boiler?

Boiler operation

The principle of operation of a gas boiler is very simple. The boiler burns fuel to produce heat, which is used to heat water and power radiators or underfloor heating. The gas is burnt in the combustion chamber and the boiler is connected to a pipe, which allows the fumes to be removed.

Types of gas boilers

There are several types of gas boilers that are widely installed in our homes. They are distinguished by efficiency, applied technologies and price.

Classic kettle

Conventional kettles heat the water to a high temperature and then mix hot and cold water. This type of boiler is very efficient for heating small areas, but its efficiency is not so profitable because the boiler consumes a lot of energy.

Condensing boiler

A condensing boiler is much more environmentally friendly as it recovers the energy generated during gas combustion. The gas boiler condenses the vapors that contain the steam so that the supplied heat is reused by the appliance. The boiler consumes much less fuel, thus reducing gas consumption by up to 30% compared to standard boilers. This type of heating is recommended for large houses.

Low temperature boiler

The low temperature boiler heats the water to a slightly lower temperature (40 to 60%). It consumes less gas and its efficiency is very satisfactory compared to conventional boilers. This type of heater is ideal for heating small spaces such as apartments.

How to install a boiler?

The very installation of the boiler can be dangerous. It is therefore recommended that the appliance be installed by a heating specialist. After installation, a specialist will also perform boiler maintenance to make sure that the appliance is working properly. If you are looking for a competent and experienced heating specialist in Brussels or Uccle, visit the Thermo-bati website. Remember that each heating system should be serviced once a year!

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