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Plastic windows are currently one of the most popular types of windows. This fact can be easily explained. Such windows are characterized by an attractive design. They are also easy to care for and inexpensive. Undoubtedly, PVC windows are a reasonable option. However, if you are interested in an extremely durable, stable and aesthetic window system, it is also worth considering aluminum windows. This material has many advantages.

Aluminum windows - thermal insulation
Do modern aluminum windows provide good thermal insulation? Many people planning to replace windows ask themselves this question. It cannot be denied that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is relatively high. Higher than wooden or plastic windows. This does not mean, however, that modern aluminum windows have worse thermal insulation properties than other types of windows. Manufacturers focused on a special design, thanks to which thermal bridges can be effectively avoided. For the production of aluminum profiles, special bakelite insulating rods are used. This means that the insulating properties of aluminum windows are actually very good. That is why aluminum windows are perfect not only in commercial buildings, but also in modern residential buildings.

Aluminum windows - the main advantages
Aluminum windows have many advantages. First of all, aluminum is characterized by extremely high natural strength. Therefore, such windows can be installed where particularly durable window systems are required. Like plastic windows, aluminum windows are also maintenance-free. In addition, they are also stable, very light and simply aesthetic. The classic elegance of aluminum windows makes them more and more often installed in private homes. These windows are weatherproof. The advantage is that they do not fade. You can easily order aluminum windows in various sizes and shapes. More information


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