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Tuesday, January 5 2021

Loft office

office-2539844_640.jpg, Jan 2021

Lofts are former industrial spaces (factories, warehouses, etc.) that have been converted for residential or commercial purposes. They stand out among others They are characterized by large rooms and windows as well as high ceilings. Currently, such interiors are very popular. Lofts are increasingly becoming both residential and office spaces. Moreover, more and more rooms are decorated in a similar style at the same time. But how to arrange a space for individual work in a spacious loft office? We'll give you tips!

Loft office - open space and industrial style
A loft-style office is characterized primarily by large, open spaces. With high ceilings, large windows and the absence of compartments, it is usually bright and creates an atmosphere of freedom. A typical industrial interior combines mainly raw elements with warm materials and vintage with modernity. This makes such spaces very interesting and inspiring. For this reason, loft offices are often chosen by companies operating in creative industries, such as B. Architecture or advertising. A large area is conducive to the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, cooperation and therefore is an ideal environment for teams that need to constantly communicate with each other.

Individual work in a loft office
However, a loft-style industrial office can also pose some problems. The atmosphere is often rather chaotic in large, open spaces where there are likely to be many people. These interior spaces are usually quite noisy - the sounds of conversations, equipment, and others (including outside) bounce off the walls and mix, making individual work that requires focus difficult. This is especially a problem for workers who cannot tolerate overstimulation. It can be almost impossible to get that concentration. Solution? If it is not possible to separate separate offices or spaces for individual work (which is usually expensive and time-consuming), an alternative method can be used - acoustic cabins.

Hushoffice acoustic cabins - quiet and insulated individual work
Hushoffice is a leading brand in the production of acoustic cabins for individual and group work. The manufacturer's offer includes models that offer privacy and a place for quiet and concentrated work. The cabins perfectly isolate from external stimuli and are comfortable at the same time.

A good solution is a Hushoffice cabin, designed for individual work, with a comfortable desk and a shelf. In a large office, a hushPhone phone booth can also be very useful for quiet conversations. Thanks to the appropriate mute, you will not be disturbed by noises during the conversation, and the conversation will not penetrate into the outside world. Therefore, you can also discuss confidential topics here.

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